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Biryani Bar is your ideal destination for savoring authentic and delectable biryani dishes. Keeping alive the rich heritage of Indian cuisine in our recipe with a touch of contemporary style by catering our customers with a range of 20 different types of biryani dishes.

Our non-identical biryani delicacies are prepared with selected rice and vegetables blended with fresh meat and exotic ingredients that can soothe any soul. We serve you with the quality and authenticity of our dishes cooked by our cooks specialized in Indian culinary skills.

We never compromise with hygiene and safety by keeping in check all the safety measures that serve you well without stressing about Covid out-eats.

Visit once to come again to our Biryani paradise.

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History of Biryani

This royal and traditional delicacy was brought to our country from its homeland, Persia, and is named after the Persian word “birian” which means ‘fried before cooking’.The Indian version of Biryani that is served on our plates today was developed from the 15th to about 19th century when the Mughal Emperors introduced this dish in their royal feasts. In the 21st century AD, Biryani became one of the most loved cuisines in India and since then it holds a special place in our hearts.